Flawless Tanning

"A happy body is a tanned body, stay golden all year round."

A tan all year round is a must, we offer spray tans and sunbeds in our salon in Southwick. Why not try our new Guardasun 8000 stand up sunbed or a full body spray .

Give us a call on 01273 595999 or use our contact form.

**Prices will be slightly increasing within the next month**
Our goal as a company is to continually improve the quality of our services. This means hiring the most talented people we can find to produce the best possible work and using the best quality products, so you can receive the highest quality in service.

Half Body£15.00
Full Body£25.00
30 Minutes£25.00
60 Minutes£45.00
90 Minutes£65.00
Single Session (15 Min max in one 24hr period)£1.00 Per Min